PureMaster V-750 and FluorideMaster Combo

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Important Notice: If you currently own or are considering our legacy PureMaster V-750 system, we proudly recommend our more advanced PureMaster V-700 system which supersedes the V-750. The V-700 was designed to outperform the V-750 since it utilizes several times more of the two main workhorse media similarly used in the V-750. Unlike the V-750, since the V-700 requires less manufacturing complexity, you will pay less for your initial system and in the future for your optional replacement media or replacement tank with media. Therefore, the V-700 is the best value system that we offer in terms of performance capability and price. See our PureMaster V-700/FluorideMaster Combo

This combo system was designed to effectively filter fluoride, chlorine, chloramines and hundreds of other potential contaminants and harmful chemicals from the water entering your home.

PureMaster V-750 and FluorideMaster Combo


100% Customer Satisfaction GuaranteespacerspacerLifetime Warranty, Premium Quality

The PureMaster™ V-750 and FluorideMaster™ Combo is a total solution for city/municipality water that will provide water throughout your entire house which is safe to drink and generally better than bottled-water quality. The PureMaster V-750 and FluorideMaster Combo addresses fluoride and hundreds of other harmful chemical contaminants that might have been added to your water.

The following components are included with the Combo (in sequence):

  • 0.35 Micron Post-Filter (to address micro elements, comes with PureMaster V-750)
  • PureMaster V-750 (to address chemicals, contaminants, odor and taste)
  • FluorideMaster (to address fluoride)
  • Plus, other miscellaneous installation components/parts

Please Call

If you feel that you don't know or you have questions about your water conditions, we recommend you call us (Toll-Free) 1-877-284-5042 for a FREE Phone Consultation with one of our Water Filtration/Treatment Specialists. We will quickly discuss your water situation and then provide you with straightforward answers and/or high quality affordable options to fully and properly address your specific water conditions.

Concerned About Other Contaminants In The Water?

There can be many different contaminants in our water supplies today. Each of our water filtration units can be used as a stand alone filter. However, depending on the range and amount of contaminants in the water, one might find it necessary to use multiple filters in conjunction with each other. We strongly recommend getting a water test done and calling us for our FREE Phone Consultation before you purchase any water filtration system.

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Additional Information

Installation and Maintenance Guide

PureMaster V-750: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (6-months)

PureMaster V-750: Lifetime Prorata Warranty (7 years / 750,000 gallons)

FluorideMaster: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (6-months)

FluorideMaster: Lifetime Prorata Warranty (4 years / 400,000 gallons)

Water Filtration Glossary

PureMaster™ and FluorideMaster™ are trademarks of Vitasalus, Inc.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Vitasalus/Equinox Products
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Customer Reviews

  1. Finally, clean water!, Review by Skip S.

    Well, FINALLY we have safe, clean water! The system went in like a charm. Had a great local plumber do the work. He had never heard of you or your system; he has now! We probably still need to flush the system a bit but you can tell the difference in taste and clear smell. After a few gallons flush through I'm sure it will settle down. System LOOKS GREAT too. I'll send you some pics. Unfortunately, the idiot builder wouldn't put in a 'loop' in the garage so we had to drill through cinder block filled with concrete. THAT took some effort and a big drill. Great job though.
    So thanks for all your help and information. We are looking forward to many years of healthy/clean water thanks to you!
    Feel free to use us as a reference for other sales; especially in Florida. I already have a neighbor interested!
    Cheers and Blessings,
    Skip S., Winter Haven, Florida (FL)

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