PureMaster V-750 Replacement Tank

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Manufacturer: Vitasalus/Equinox Products
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Includes only the PureMaster V-750 blue tank unit with inlet and outlet head.

Important Notice: If you currently own or are considering our legacy PureMaster V-750 system, we proudly recommend our more advanced PureMaster V-700 system which supersedes the V-750. The V-700 was designed to outperform the V-750 since it utilizes several times more of the two main workhorse media similarly used in the V-750. Unlike the V-750, since the V-700 requires less manufacturing complexity, you will pay less for your initial system and in the future for your optional replacement media or replacement tank with media. Therefore, the V-700 is the best value system that we offer in terms of performance capability and price. See our PureMaster V-700

PureMaster V-750 Replacement Tank


100% Customer Satisfaction GuaranteespacerspacerLifetime Warranty, Premium Quality

Includes only the PureMaster™ V-750 blue tank unit with inlet and outlet head. Made to replace your old V-750 tank.

We want to alert consumers that some companies are pitching a Replacement Media option (i.e., one or more bags of replacement media) in an attempt to lure unsuspecting consumers into buying the company's initial complete system, thinking that they will save money, time and effort over the long-run. Unfortunately, when it actually comes time to replace the media, the consumer may be left "holding the bag" and end up facing potential health risks along with spending more money, personal time and inconvenience. Moreover, if the consumer decides to pay a plumber to handle the complete media replacement process, besides the potential health risks, the overall cost may end up being 2 to 3 times more than the advertised cost of the Replacement Media.

It is important to know that the proper process of emptying the tank, tank cleaning and disinfection, and pouring or layering of media is a laborious, time consuming and risky process. In reality, there are several potential challenges and health risks for the following reasons:

  1. Unit may weigh over 150 pounds, with water and saturated media when it expires, making it very challenging for the average person to handle and manipulate when performing the proper media replacement process;
  2. Unit may end up not being properly emptied, cleaned and disinfected;
  3. Expired media may contain concentrations of certain contaminants unhealthy for human contact;
  4. Bacteria or other contaminants may be introduced into the unit during the refill process; and
  5. Replacement Media may end up not being poured and/or layered properly causing the unit to be less effective or even ineffective.

There are other concerns with messy media spills and affected performance due to the media loss incurred from media spills during the pouring process. If the consumer decides to pay a plumber to handle the refill process, the overall cost may end up being 2 to 3 times more than the cost of the Replacement Media and may still be susceptible to the same potential health risks previously mentioned above. It is also interesting to consider that the cost of the initial complete system is between $600 - $1500. One may wonder about the questionable value of the media itself given that the cost of the Replacement Media is only a small fraction (i.e., between $150 to $450) of the cost of the initial complete system. We are proud to say that the 7 Stages of media that goes into our PureMaster V-750 (with 7+ years or 750,000 gallons capacity) represents the majority cost of both our Complete System or Replacement Unit.

Therefore, we do not use or recommend the Replacement Media approach. Instead, we provide our existing customers with a Pre-loaded and Ready-to-Install Replacement Unit that can quickly and easily replace their old unit simply by sliding out the old and sliding in the new with our easy PVC connectors. The best aspect of our Replacement Unit approach is that the homeowner or anyone with very basic plumbing experience can handle the simple replacement process; they can also have great confidence that when the process is completed that their new Replacement Unit will work properly without any of the previously mentioned potential challenges and health risks.

If you feel that you don't know or you have questions about your water conditions, we recommend you call us (Toll-Free) 1-877-284-5042 for a FREE Phone Consultation with one of our Water Filtration/Treatment Specialists. We will quickly discuss your water situation and then provide you with straightforward answers and/or high quality affordable options to fully and properly address your specific water conditions.

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Manufacturer Vitasalus/Equinox Products
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