pH/Alkalinity Reducer

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Effectively reduces the pH and alkalinity of source water.

pH/Alkalinity Reducer


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The Vitasalus pH/Alkalinity Reducer is built utilizing our AnionSorb™ Anion Exchange General Purpose Resin as the primary functioning layer. AnionSorb Anion Exchange Resin will sit on top of the existing softening bed to protect it. Salt or potassium must be added to the tank monthly. The control valve backwashes the resin once per week.

Now there is a way to treat high pH and alkalinity more thoroughly than ever. These new systems are controlled by a computerized chip which meters actual water usage patterns. It economically regenerates the unit only as needed and ensures the customer pH-balanced water for the entire home. The computer adapts to a home water usage pattern, and leaves a buffer to ensure there will be plenty of treated water available. All this at an economical price. Vitasalus takes care of the little extras, such as: machined PVC distribution systems, bolted-on bases for ease of carrying, and an anthracite under-bedding to prevent channeling.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces high pH and/or high alkalinity, neutralizes alkaline water
  • Regenerates with chloride (salt or potassium)
  • Reduces color, and improves the taste of water
  • A fraction of the cost of digging a new well or linking up to a city water main
  • All international voltages available
  • Rust proof fiberglass tanks feature 150 PSI operating pressure. Ten-year warranty on tank
  • Energy efficient controller uses less than $2 of electricity per year. Five-year warranty on valve
  • Battery backup on electronic controls

AnionSorb™ is a trademark of Vitasalus, Inc.

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Additional Information

100% Satisfaction Guarantee (1-month), Warranty (1-Year)

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Manufacturer Vitasalus/Equinox Products
UPS Ground Free Shipping UPS Ground Free Shipping
SKU 1622
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