Imperial Chi: Product Information

Chinese herbalists and phytopharmaceutical scientists combined the best of Chinese herbalism and modern technology to produce a unique concentrate. Imperial Chi contains the highest quality ingredients known in Oriental herbal science.

Energize your system. Virtually every aspect of a person's energy system—be it genetic, sexual, emotional, psychic, physical, or intellectual—is supplemented by consuming Imperial Chi on a daily basis. Digestive functions as well as the cardiovascular, immune, endocrine, reproductive, and nervous systems can also be nurtured by this dietary supplement.

Enjoy Imperial Chi hot or cold in your favorite beverage, or drink it undiluted to feel its full effect. Since it is highly concentrated, we suggest adding two tablespoons with up to one cup of Vitasalus-filtered water. An alternative to traditional tea drinks. Nourish your body with the riches of nature.

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