HardnessMaster: Customer Reviews

We realize that the best measure of a successful product is when our customers are completely satisfied with the overall quality, performance, reliability and support. We appreciate and respect the needs of every customer and always strive to meet or exceed their expectations with every product we offer. The following customer reviews are just a small sampling of the many verbal or written reviews we receive on a daily basis.

"Was pleasantly surprised that results were so impressive so quick!,
"The well water here has a lot of minerals in it and calcium and lime build-up has always been a problem. Since adding the "HardnessMaster" even the previous deposits softened and flushed away with minimal effort. Now everything functions and looks great!"
John B., Salome, Arizona (AZ)

"Works well.
"I've used this product quite a long time. With the small light is lit, there's nothing else to do - it works well."
IKH, Addu City, Republic of Maldives

"Thumbs up
"I have well water with a pH of 9 + and was having a problem of build-up in the dish washer. After several months after installing this product and an initial clean-out with pH down from my Hot Tub, I have maintained a clean dishwasher for the last few years. Great product. I worked at a Water District and was skeptical, and was proven wrong....Thanks"
Gary B.

"Hard water stains GONE!
"We live in North NJ and have hard water. This causes orange or pink stains in sinks, tubs, toilets, and caulking around them. We replace our tub/shower caulk 3-4 times a year because it becomes pink. Our neighbor told us about this product so we bought it instead of the salt solution (much costlier and heavy maintenance). We followed the directions and guess what? After a few months, no more stains!! We HIGHLY recommend this product for hard water homes."
Reggie D., Morris Plains, New Jersey (NJ)

"Needed this years ago
"48 years on a well and this is the first time we have not had calcium buildup on our faucets, shower head, etc. Should have had this product 48 years ago. Great product and recommend it to anyone with hard water."
Jim C.

"Product works
"This product does work; it has cleared our water source in the house. Thanks, "
Dharmendra P., Cerritos, California (CA)

"Not working as well as advertised
"Our water has lots of iron, and we have stainless steel appliances. We were hoping this would solve are hardness problem, we still have spotty dishes. But our water is a little softer. Is it worth the cost? It's been almost a year, and we're not satisfied."
Terry B., Imlay City, Michigan (MI)

"The HardnessMaster Electronic Water Conditioner is Amazing!
"The water here in Mount Pleasant, NC is notorious for ruining hot water heaters. I was replacing my electric heating element every six months. When I bought the HardnessMaster, my heating element was already six months old. So, even after I installed the HardnessMaster, I was certain that my water heater would still fail on schedule because the element was already completely encrusted to an inch and a half thick. Well, after another six months went by with my water heater working perfectly, I realized that something amazing had happened! The HardnessMaster had actually removed that calcium crust and restored the heating element. My water heater with that same element has been working perfectly, non-stop, ever since! Next month it will be three years since I installed the the HardnessMaster! All I can say is that it is a miracle of technology! What used to be a maintenance nightmare for me before, is now no maintenance effort at all. And it only took me 20 minutes to install it. "
William O., Mount Pleasant, North Carolina (NC)

"Very happy with Hardness Master
"WI used another electronic water conditioner; it worked well but only lasted about 6 months before it overheated in the Texas desert sun. We then bought your product and mounted it in my motor home with it standing out from the wall a quarter of an inch. It lasted about 2 years before it died. It did however work extremely well, the water was very soft, cleaning, showering, doing dishes, etc was wonderful. We will be getting another one shortly. We were gate guards for the gas and oil drilling industries (so traveled all over the South Texas area) therefore had water delivered from many different sources and have always had great results. Have recommended HardnessMaster to others and will continue."
Al D.

"It works!
"WOur municipal (city) water is about 25 grains per gallon hard. I installed an electric tankless water heater a few years ago at a rental I own. It would lime up every 4-7 months and I would have to send it to the manufacturer for cleaning. This went on for 2-3 years. After installing the HardnessMaster Electronic Water Conditioner in March of 2011 I HAVE HAD NO MORE PROBLEMS WITH MY TANKLESS HEATER! It has saved me hundreds of dollars."
Jamey B., Winchester, Indiana (IN)

"Works flawlessly after 2 years since installation
"Installed the Vitasalus Conditioner over 2 years ago. It has worked flawlessly since day one. For example, we have a stainless electric kettle we use to heat water for tea. It's put to use approximately 4 times a day. Prior to the Conditioner, decalcification was required monthly. After the installation the kettle remains clean with no sign of calcium spots. I've recommended your product to a number of friends. One installed it in his RV with good results. If you ever develop a conditioner for a home in-ground swimming pool, let me know. I have about 1,000 potential customers. "
Paul R., La Quinta, California (CA)

"It works
"Installed this in 2009 and the mineral build up went away. I was listening to a radio home improvement show last weekend and had to laugh when the host said these things don't work. (Of course, he wanted you to call his plumbing company.) And the best part is it doesn't wear out. "
Cary S., Grapevine, Texas (TX)

"Some reduction in build up. Not completely.
"Our home was new in June 2011; October 2011 we installed this unit. It reduces some buildup but noticing lately it's getting heavy again. Dishwasher and shower heads plug. Must need something else with it."
Arvin W., Harbor Springs, Michigan (MI)

"Very Pleased
"WWe have very hard water. 2 1/2 years ago our water softener died, and we looked at another $400 to $500 investment to maintain the status quo. I started looking, online, for alternatives to the salt-eating monsters, and found references to magnetic solutions for hard water. I tried a pair of magnets and was not displeased with the results. We were experiencing the effects of our natural water (itchy skin, no suds when washing anything, bathroom scale.). Since magnets showed an improvement, I invested in the HardnessMaster and have been very pleased. After scrubbing off the existing calcium/ lime deposits from the faucets and shower tiles, we have experienced almost no new deposits. Soaps lather well and no itchy skin. Your product is great.."
Brent H., Sioux City, Iowa (IA)

"Working as Advertised
"I installed my HardnessMaster unit around the end of November 2009. Installation was very easy. I am impressed with the improvement in reducing the lime build-up and water spots in the shower. "
Donald P., Prescott, Arizona (AZ)

"Amazing, Vitasalus!
"This is an amazing product, simple to install, and within a few weeks, we noticed no more white "crud" around the faucets and in the sinks. Needless to say we are more than satisfied."
Karen V., Vacaville, California (CA)

"A proven performance
"At our home in Mexico, we installed the HardnessMaster. Before the installation, we had terrible problems with lime build-up on our expensive fixtures throughout the house. After the installation, all the lime build-up problems ceased, saving us a lot of money on fixture replacements. In addition, we had build-up around the pool tile at the surface of the water, and that has disappeared, saving money and time on previous cleaning methods."
Kurt B.

"Outstanding results with no salt use or water loss
"We installed the V-750 when we remodeled the kitchen. 3 months later, the new stainless sink, faucet and dishwasher have zero mineral build-up and the water tastes great! The cost of the system pays for itself with the following savings:

  • $100 per year for fridge filters
  • $100 per year for the old under-sink water filter
  • $20 per month in salt for a water softening system. Not to mention the savings from water and electricity loss when running a water softener.
"Our original faucets and toilets are also clean due to the HardnessMaster Electronic Water Conditioner. I only wish I knew about this 7 years ago! Great product!"
Randy S., Tucson, Arizona (AZ)

"We had a hard water problem for years with scaling and build-up on water-consuming appliances, shower doors, etc. I had serious doubts about this product but decided to try it because of the money back guarantee. We have been using the HardnessMaster for almost 2 years and our hard water problems are gone. We installed a brand new dishwasher several months ago and the inside is still immaculate. This product may not be for everyone but it definitely worked for us. I was investigating the cost of a salt conditioning system which would have been substantially more than this, and this is completely maintenance free. I forget I have it until I happen to see it. And, installation was a snap with easy to follow instructions."
Robert L., North Haledon, New Jersey (NJ)

"I give the HardnessMaster an A+ rating
"This Hardness Master Water Conditioner works great - I give the HardnessMaster an A+ rating.
I have a private well - works great for me."
Larry K., Colbert, Washington (WA)

"Great and Very Affordable
"We purchased our system in 2010 and although it took 8 months before we saw a difference it has been great. Would and have suggested this HardnessMaster product to others."
Sharon V., Milan, Indiana (IN)

"Great Product - especially for the price
"I purchased the HardnessMaster Electronic Water Conditioner due to the fact that my old salt conditioner went out and the cost of the repairs exceeded what I thought it was worth. I also became disheartened with carrying all the salt home and dumping it in the conditioner. I WAS LOOKING FOR AN ALTERNATIVE.
"The HardnessMaster Electronic Water Conditioner gave me the alternative. While it might not do exactly the same job as the salt-added conditioner, it does a great job and I no longer have to worry about the expense of the salt and repairs on the the unit. Good job."
Reg L., Escondido, California (CA)

"Great Product
"I have had this product on my well water supply to my home for 14 months now and have really noticed my fixtures, shower doors and laundry detergent usage greatly improved. I had scale build-up in my toilets and had to scrub it off often. Now my faucets are spot free. I use 1/2 oz. of laundry detergent (HE washer) and very little shampoo. All in all, very pleased with the HardnessMaster. Easy to install and no maintenance required."
Georgette A., Espanola, New Mexico (NM)

"Great Product
" I have hard water buildup on my faucets and shower door. Over a 3 to 4 month period, no more buildup! Thanks for a great product!"
Bill O., Mesa, Arizona (AZ)

"it helped some, but still leaves a lot of room for improvement.
"i was disappointed with results-compared to the advertizment."
Larry, U.S.A.

"Seems to be working."
Richard C., Winchendon, Massachusetts (MA)

"I have been very happy with my water softener
"I have been very happy with my water softener I do not like the salt systems.
My water is not as hard as in some places, but I noticed a difference within a few days, especially in the shower, I get more lather from the soap."
Bill P., Brentwood, Tennessee (TN)

"I am satisfied!
Took a long time to get the full effect, old dirty pipes. But now the fixtures are easier to clean and my shampoo makes more suds."
Don A., Santa Clarita, California (CA)

"somewhat satisfied
"Dear sir, We have hard well water,mainly calcium. Have had your unit for some time now, but seems TO NOT be doing a very noticable job of removing the lime. Dont know if installing another unit would do the trick."
Rick S., Lisbon, IOWA (IA)

"Reduced lime build-up and saved me money
"I have been using my HardnessMaster unit since 2009. It replaced a salt-type water conditioner. The HardnessMaster does a great job in reducing the lime build-up in the shower.
"Also, not purchasing salt is saving me money."
Rudy M., Cave Creek, Arizona (AZ)

"Working great!
"As far as I know, the HardnessMaster electronic conditioner is working fine. The water feels great."
Erwin H., Endicott, New York (NY)

"You can't afford not to have this product!
"We have been using this HardnessMaster for three years. What a wonderful product! The Hardness Master doesn't take any space, unlike all the other softeners on the market today. It is just as effective as the large ones that use salt. This is a healthier solution for having all the soft water you need and you will never run out due to needing a regeneration, or having to wait for the bulky system to backwash for hours! Nothing to clean, repair, replace or ever buy again... Thanks so much, Hardness Master, for making our lives soft and healthy!"
Craig S., U.S.A

"HardnessMaster did all as advertised & then some
"We have rather hard water, however, the taste & smell is fine. Scale had built up around the hot water heater hot water exit pipe on the top of the heater. In a matter of a few short weeks all evidence of the scale was gone & the scale has not returned to this date. Also, the humidifier element on my gas, forced air furnace had accumulated significant scale. I cleaned the filter & no scale has returned."
Ken T., Durand, Michigan (MI)

"Works good
"I installed the HardnessMaster in October 2011 along with silt and carbon filters and a UV unit in the house. There is mostly well water in the outskirts of the Albuquerque area and you can tell how hard the water is by the white stained roofs around the water evaporators on the roofs. I have blood pressure problems, so I didn't want a salt unit in the house. We also have central air conditioning, but I put in 2 medium sized evaporative coolers to see if I could save on electricity this last summer in a couple of windows. I hooked up straight to the well without going through the Hardness Master and I had to clean off the side vents about every week from all the white crud. I have had no problems with water spots in the kitchen or baths. I am very happy with the HardnessMaster."
Ken H., Rio Rancho, New Mexico (NM)

"Excellent value, excellent results.
"When I finally got tired of dumping salt bags, I decided to explore options, I must admit I was leery of the claims made but with a money back guarantee, figured there was little to lose. We only reside in the home six months of the year, so half the year I simply unplug the unit and turn the water off. When we return it is simple to plug the unit in and we have soft water. I will not have a home without the HardnessMaster Electronic Water Conditioner."
Bob Z., U.S.A.

"Did not work to what I thought it would do.
"Did not work as fast as I was lead to belive,but did help some."
Jimmy K., Schoolcraft, Michigan (MI)

"Very Positive
"Our well water is very hard, and a water softening system only took care of the hot side. Once we put this device on our well, we knew the HardnessMaster was working immediately because the stainless steel dog water bowl NEVER became ringed and calcified. Definitely recommend the HardnessMaster product to anyone who needs hot and cold softened water - it makes everything in the house look and work better."
Janet L., Corrales, New Mexico (NM)

"I am on city water that is about 9-10 grains of hardness...I installed one of these units about a month ago and within a few days the results were visable. The largest improvement by far was the lack of salt buildup crust that forms around the faucets and spray heads. The long term results will be in our power humidifier, water heater and dish washer. We think our skin feels softer and requires less lotion in this super cold weather we have been having. I just can't believe how well this thing works - and hopes it works forever."
Jerry C., Elmira, New York (NY)

"The HardnessMaster unit works as advertised.
"The HardnessMaster unit works as advertised. Water spots have been greatly reduced and no salt!!"
Darrell W., Ocala, Florida (FL)

"This Hardness Master system is the best thing I have ever bought to get soft water. I set it and forget it. I don't have to worry about water leaks or running out of salt. Thank you for making my life worry free."
Marcos P., San Antonio, Texas (TX)

"Fixed the problem, cleaned the machine!
"I cannot believe how well this HardnessMaster product works! My Friend owns/operates a resturant in Cayuge Heights, NY where the village water is very hard and his ice maker would plug up once a month, this not only fixed the problem but actually cleaned the machine!!"
Greg, Ithaca, New York (NY)
"Happy for this alternative to salt water softeners
"What a concept! We are so very excited to be using the HardnessMaster! Our home is a green home and we were never really pleased with the use of salt water softeners. Not only do they add dangerous amounts of salt to water and people think it is actually drinkable, all of the minerals necessary to good health are destroyed. With the Hardness Master we get soft water and can drink up our badly needed minerals too! Great job!!!"
Rick and Rose B., Riverside, California (CA)

"You have a great product-hope to do more business in the future."
Lloyd R., North Richland Hills, Texas (TX)

"Far better in just three days
"This appliance works! We received our Hardness Master on Monday...I installed it, and by Thursday we were noticing that the sinks weren't covered with lime residue. Even the shower felt better. The coffee pot reservoir was clean and the dishes came out of the dishwasher almost spotless. This in only three days. I really thought I was a candidate for buying the Brooklyn Bridge when I order this after a water softener company told me I was throwing my money away. Anyhow, so far so good!"
John S., Mount Pleasant, Michigan (MI)

"Even a woman can install it!
"I live in an area that has well water causing a strong amount of minerals in the water, especially lime and calcium. Our shower-head would clog with the calcium and a rust-colored ring would form in the toilet bowl, plus our chrome faucets would always have spots that would be hard to remove. After reading many testimonials on the Hardness Master and talking directly to John at Vitasalus Inc., I purchased a HardnessMaster. It took very little time to install and "Yes", even a woman can do it. To be honest, I was very surprised to notice a change in our water quality the very first 24 hours after installation. The ring in the toilet is gone, the spots on the faucets are gone and the water no longer stains the chrome. To get such results in such a short period of time is remarkable. For the price, much more reasonable then others, the HardnessMaster is well worth the investment. No maintenance and because we have just replaced our sinks and toilets it is a very good feeling to know they will continue to keep that "new look" appearance with the help of the HardnessMaster. Take my word for it; It really works! Needless to say, I am one happy customer."
Janet C., Oconomowoc, Wisconsin (WI)

"Hard water problems solved
"Just wanted to thank you for solving my hard water problems. I recently purchased a HardnessMaster whole house system from you. To be honest, I thought the Hardness Master was a gimmick at first, it being so small and relatively cheap. I noticed the hardness go away the third day after we used about 1000 gallons of water. We are now enjoying soft water without using a salt brine. Also, I now have more space in my garage since I have trashed my old salt unit. Great product. Thanks again,"
Ray M., Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)

"Difference in two days
"I love this softener! The water in Las Vegas is hard (18.3 gpg). I bought the Vitasalus HardnessMaster with skepticism. I installed it in five minutes and said 'We'll see how it works'. In two days time I felt a difference! After the third day and a couple loads of laundry I could literally feel and see the difference in my clothes and around the sink and shower. I am only sorry that I didn't find the HardnessMaster sooner. I've told all my friends about the Hardness Master. Do yourself a favor and get one today!"
Scott M., Las Vegas, Nevada (NV)

"Had very hard water - now no scale, no spots!
"We have been using two of the Hardness Masters for a year now with great results. As an engineer I had experience with the technology in a plant but was leery as our plant system could be overwhelmed. With the performance gurantee we were willing to give a try. We have very hard water and were not interested in the salt systems (taste and warning on shrub watering with how much salt would be put in for our hardness) and the reverse osmosis systems are very expensive. We had issues with cloudy glasses (one wash), scale in toilets (needed scraping within two weeks, limeaway and vinegar did not work), and cloudy/scale build up on glass shower doors. Our glasses no longer get cloudy in the dishwasher, the toilets only need cleaning every 4 months or so (3 times last year) and NO scraping! We put vinegar in, soak for several hours, and flush. The glass shower doors have only needed to be cleaned twice in last year and is is very easy with limeaway and sponge versus three treatments with heavy scrubbing before every several weeks."
Eric W., Lawrenceburg, Indiana (IN)

"Hello...I am on my 5th week of using your HardnessMaster System and thus far have experienced quite a change in my water quality. Thank you for this technology. I am just now seeing a bit of power residue in my dishwasher as expected, but over all it started to improve on the first week...Thanks again for your product. We will indeed recommend the HardnessMaster to friends.
Merry Christmas,"
Richard S., New Mexico (NM)

"We installed a HardnessMaster on Sep 4, 2009. This sure is a GREAT product, all things have turned out AMAZING for us since installation. All the reviews I read before purchase are true, I will add a few more. Don't want to bore you, but we are so pleased with your HardnessMaster I would like to pass our true experience on to you.

"After 10 minutes installation process, AMAZING things began to happen. First, Don, my husband opened the drain on water heater, nothing happened, no water, he thought he had to get a new value, I said just let it go till tomorrow morning and we will see what happens. After 16 hours he tried again to drain water heater, nothing happened until we had a big explosion, you would not believe what came out of that water heater, full of calcium, only took 16 hours to clear that water spigot to drain the water, took out the 5 gallons like instructions, next day the same and third day the same, for my satisfaction, I opened the spigot on the 4th day, and continued each day for a week, until I had no calcium. First thing I noticed was how soft the water felt when washing hands, they are now softer, haven't use hand lotion since installation.

"Only use 1 tablespoon of liquid soap in front loading washing machine, no use of softer anymore, HardnessMaster does that for you. Don's diabetic socks come out of washer almost dry. AMAZING! Wash on normal no more heavy duty. Set my dryer on delicate, all heavy clothes dry on that setting. No dryer sheets, clothes are AMAZING soft.

"Glassware in dishwasher come out sparkling clean no white water spots, AMAZING! No rinse aid. Don't like chemicals.

"My home brewed ice tea is so much better tasting since installation of HardnessMaster.

"Rings in commodes are getting lighter, began to notice that in about 5 days. Inside of tanks are crystal clear. Shower doors are losing water spots AMAZING! Skin is much softer, quit using hand lotion, Don and I have white hair it is so sparkling, and so much softer, need no conditioner anymore. Dryness on scalp is gone. AMAZING!

"My teeth are much whiter, gums are a pretty pink, I blame HardnessMaster. AMAZING!

"To sum this all up, less soap, electric, shampoo, need no rinses, no chemicals, cleaner clothes, better tasting water, no water spots, save your water heater, just try HardnessMaster, YOU MAY LIKE IT, all for $295 (ed note: previous pricing), and free shipping. It really is a great all around product. I like this product so much I would even like to sell it, because I found out all those reviews were true. Just where do you get a product like that anymore? "Green" and eco-friendly technology. That is HARDNESSMASTER, AMAZING! TRY ME YOU MAY LIKE ME!

"Good luck all, AMAZING!"
Joanne and Donald, Pennsylvania (PA)

"The HardnessMaster unit is working as advertised."
Robert W., Honaker, Virginia (VA)

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