Vitasalus Whole House Water Filter FluorideTest

This video is for educational purposes only, as it helps to illustrate the fluoride reduction capability of the Vitasalus PureMaster V-Series V-700 and FluorideMaster Combo. Although the results in this video are remarkable, not all consumers will necessarily achieve these exact results, and therefore, your results may vary. The purpose of the Vitasalus FluorideMaster is to reduce or significantly reduce fluoride in your municiple supply water. The fluoride reduction performance of the FluorideMaster is dependent on various factors such as supply water chemistry, pH, water temperature, flow rate and competing elements in your source water. For optimal fluoride filtration effectiveness, the FluorideMaster should be installed in sequence after the PureMaster V-Series V-300, V-500 or V-700; For ease of installation and overall performance, the PureMaster V-700 and FluorideMaster Combo is the most ideal configuration.