Arsenic Treatment System

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Complete Arsenic Treatment System designed to effectively treat total Arsenic (Arsenic III & Arsenic V)

Complete Arsenic Treatment System

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  • Complete Arsenic Treatment System


Complete Arsenic Treatment System designed to effectively treat total Arsenic (Arsenic III & Arsenic V)

Included Components

  • (1)  Complete Chemical Feed Pump (110V)
  • (1)  15 gallon solution tank
  • (1)  Retention Tank with blow down valve (120 gal. equiv.)
  • (1)  0.5 gallon per minute flow switch (110V)
  • (1)  Complete Dual Housing
  • (1)  Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket
  • (2)  20" Housings (fits 4.5" x20" cartridges)
  • (1)  1"x2" Sch. 80 pvc connecting nipple
  • (1)  Filter Wrench
  • (1)  Set of screws (mounting housings to bracket
    (Wall Mount screws not included)
  • (1)  4.5" x 20" 5 Micron Pleated Sediment Filter
  • (1)  4.5" x 20" Carbon Block Filter
  • (1)  9x48 Complete Arsenic Tank with manual control and bypass

Quick Summary

The chemical feed pump is plugged into the 0.5 gallon per minute flow switch which is also installed inline.  When water flow rate exceeds 0.5 gpm, the chemical feed pump draws liquid chlorine bleach from the 15 gallon solution tank and is drip fed into main water supply.  The chlorinated water enters the Retention Tank where Arsenic III is converted to Arsenic V; the Retention Tank promotes enough contact time for chlorine to effectively make contact with water to allow for conversion to occur; the 5 Micron Sediment Filter will trap any residual sediment; the Carbon Block filter will remove chlorine introduced by chemical feed pump; the Arsenic V System will remove naturally occurring Arsenic V and converted Arsenic V from water before entering home.

General Maintenance

  • Add roughly 3 gallons of bleach every 3 months
  • Blow down Retention Tank for 45-60 seconds every 3 months
  • Replace 5 Micron sediment Filter when needed (approx. once per year) *
  • Replace Carbon Block Filter annually *
  • Manually backwash the Arsenic V System every 40 days to "fluff" media bed to prevent compaction and channeling
  • Replace Arsenic V Resin every 4-5 years *

* Water quality and water consumption will vary and effect filter life and maintenance schedule

Additional Information

Chlorine is an oxidizer as well as a disinfectant; the advantage of using chlorine is that it wil also protect the filter elements downstream in the event bacteria (nusiance or harmful) ever contaminates the well. 

Chlorine will also oxidize lower levels of iron and manganese as well as address hydrogen sulfide and/or iron/sulfur reducing bacteria

Note:  If higher levels of iron or manganes are present, additional filtration may be needed to directly address these condtions prior to entering the Arsenic V System

Note:  Higher flow rate applications may require additional Retention Tanks (holding tanks) or larger units

Helpful Technical Insight

There are many systems on the internet that claim to address Arsenic III and Arsenic V without the need for chemicals, i.e. Chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, potassium permanganate or periodic backwash.  The resin used in those systems will in fact address Arsenic III and Arsenic V but the manufacturer literature strongly suggests to convert Arsenic III to Arsenic V to prolong the resin lifespan.   The Arsenic resin we use in our Arsenic V System will address Arsenic III and Arsenic V but as the resin manufacturer suggests we are converting the Arsenic III to Arsenic V to obtain a longer lifespan of the resin.  Arsenic III will have a significant effect on the lifespan of the Arsenic resin and cause it to saturate extremely prematurely maybe in as little as 1 year or less.   

Although use without chemicals or light maintenance may seem appealing, changing Arsenic resin annually will become a financial and maintenance nightmare

Periodic backwashing of the resin will help "fluff" the resin and expose different surface sites of the resin and to prevent challening within the tank 

What is Arsenic?

 Arsenic is a tasteless and odorless semi-metal. It is a potent poison in small amounts and can enter the water supply from natural deposits in the earth or though industrial or agricultural runoff.

In groundwater, arsenic usually occurs in two forms: trivalent arsenic (As+3, or arsenite) or pentavalent arsenic (As+5, or arsenate). Both are harmful to humans, but trivalent arsenic is more harmful and more difficult to remove from water. AS+3 can be converted into pentavalent arsenic in the presence of an effective oxidant such as free chlorine.

Health effects of arsenic include:

  • Stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
  • Partial paralysis, numbness in hands and feet, blindness, thickening and discoloration of the skin
  • Cancer of the bladder, lungs, skin, kidneys, nasal passages, liver and prostate.

Arsenic is abundant in the Earth’s crust. It is present in many different minerals, the most common of which is arsenopyrite.

  • Arsenic is also found in the atmosphere. One-third has entered naturally, most from volcanic eruption. The rest is from industrial emissions.
  • Geological inorganic arsenic is especially present in Taiwan, Bangladesh and India.
  • Organic arsenic is mainly found in sea-dwelling creatures.



US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maximum contaminant level (MCL) = 10 micrograms/liter (parts per billion) or 0.010 mg/l.
This enforceable MCL became effective January 23, 2006, for both organic and inorganic forms.


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