Air Filtration: Amaircare 2500/3000: Filter Change Instructions

Please read and follow the directions below to replace any filter(s) on your Amaircare HEPA Air Filtration System.

To view an animation of a complete filter change for the 2500 and 3000 models (doesn't include the VOC Canister), see video link below. You may have to download the file first to run the animation.


Animation (3000 unit shown)

Opening the cabinet

1. Turn the unit off and unplug it.

2. Unscrew the 5 lid screws.
Once all five screws are out,
remove the metal cover.


1. Lift the complete filter cartridge assembly from the unit. Remove and discard the carbon prefilter.

2. Wrap the new prefilter around the HEPA cartridge completely enclosing it. Use the 3 butterfly clips provided to hold the filter tightly around the HEPA cartridge.

3. Put the filter cartridge back in the unit.

HEPA filter

1. Remove and carefully discard
the old HEPA cartridge.

2. Insert a new HEPA cartridge,
complete with new Pre-filter and Inner Blanket.

3. Place a new O-ring seal in the outer groove in the
top of the HEPA cartridge. If the O-ring appears too big,
pinch it in several places until it fits in the groove.

Inner Blanket

1. Fold the ends of the old Inner Blanket in and remove it from the unit.

2. Insert the new Inner Blanket inside the HEPA filter with the edges overlapped by at least one inch. Once it is in position press the Inner Blanket tightly against the inner screen until the ends butt together.

VOC Cartridge (OPTIONAL)

The VOC Cartridge is used in place of the Inner Blanket.

1. Carefully slide the VOC Cartridge into the HEPA filter. Do not drop it as it is heavy and may damage the unit.

Closing the cabinet

1. Position the top cover on the unit with the centered screw hole at the rear of the unit.

2. To replace the lid screws, apply firm pressure to the top cover to align the holes and then insert and fasten screws.

3. Plug the unit in and turn it on.