Liquid Mineral Complex™ - Life-enhancing Ionic Ocean Minerals, 8 fl oz, 1 plastic bottle

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Liquid Mineral Complex™  - Life-enhancing Ionic Ocean Minerals, 8 oz, 1 plastic bottle

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  1. These are the best Review by Carol K

    I have been using these minerals for many years and they make a clear difference in my health and energy levels.
    Carol K., Provo, Utah (UT)

  2. Wow! Great benefits for a great price! Review by Laura P.

    I was given a small amount by a neighbor, and was amazed at how much better I felt, how much sharper my mind was, and how fast I felt the changes! This is really good stuff! At under $20/a bottle this is unbelievable (if you haven't tried it!)
    Laura P., Provo, Utah (UT)

  3. You feel it! Review by Mitch B.

    I had a friend use this mineral complex with an herbal product used for bones. He had a three month supply. He was hoping it would help his knee and I noticed he walked with a limp. A month later, I visited him and asked how this stuff was working for him. He said " knee still hurts, but I have to show you something." He bent over and raised his pant leg to expose his calf. On the inside of his calf I immediately saw and two inch long blood clot under his skin. It was really dark and obvious he had a real problem. Initially I thought the mineral complex did that to him! But, was not the case. He told me he had this blood clot for over ten years. His dad had the same, but it was only one inch. The surgeon removed it from his dads leg and a piece dislodge and stopped his heart. He died that day. So my friend Marion said he and his doctors have tried everything to get rid of his clot, but surgery. Nothing has ever worked! Until a month ago.
    I asked him what he meant by that? He said that clot was three inches long for all these years until now! I couldn't believe it! He said he has done nothing different with his diet or exercise. Two months later he showed me his leg again. And the clot had disappeared. I mean, it was gone! I was amazed!
    The 1st time I used it, I had gained so much energy that I couldn't sleep for the entire night. And I wasn't tired either. I was told I should have taken it that morning. And that I must have a mineral deficiency. Well, I used it for years and felt great. I ran out one day. And forgot to reorder it. For many years I complained about my lack of energy. Then I suffered a bulged disc in my lower back from moving to a new house, that has given me pain for three years now.
    Then last December 2014, I tried playing indoor soccer. It's been 30 years since I last played it. So I overdid it, and my knee's have been hurting ever since then. Just been taking anti-inflammatories to help with the back and the knees. I was hoping in both cases they would just heal themselves like they always did before when growing up. But, I am 44 now, figured that was it.
    Then one day I remembered how I use to take this liquid mineral complex and what it did for Marion. So I searched on the internet and found it again! I was excited. I started taking it again. It took only a week and my back pain and knees totally stopped hurting for the first time and I no longer need the anti-inflammatory. My wife was really impressed. She tried it for the first time and was surprised too. She is very pessimistic and noticed right away that she was feeling better from a chronic neck pain she has had since she was child. I will never use another mineral complex again.
    Mitch B., Albia, IA

  4. Miss one day and you'll feel it! Review by David L.

    I have been using this product for 10 yrs. It's a daily routine. I also have a 91 yr old customer who simply can't live without it! This product helps maintain the body's processes that are so necessary to daily optimal functioning. Energy flows all day.. no spikes...just natural feel. Makes everything you ingest work better from vitamins to food. Try it and you'll also feel the effects...miss it one day and you'll know you forgot to take it.
    David L.

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