pH Neutralizer (pH > 6): Specifications Chart

Contaminant Reduction: Designed to change low (acidic) pH water to or near pH 7 (neutral)
Tank Size: 10" diameter x 54" height
Required Installation Space: 1 foot deep x 2 feet wide x 4 feet high
Plumbing Connection Size: Fits both ¾" and 1" (supports Copper or PVC connection)
Operating Pressure: 20–150psi
Operating Temperature: 36–120° F (2–38.9° C)
Service Flow Rate: 8gpm–10gpm
Backwash Rate 30% Exp. @ 60° F: 7gpm
pH Range: 6.0–6.8
Medium: Calcite
Life Expectancy: Virtually unlimited (add materials as needed)

Click here to view the pH Neutralizer™ with backwash (for pH > 6).