MetalMaster MM-10: Specifications Chart

Contaminant Reduction: Designed to remove high levels of iron, lead, sulfur/hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor), silt, turbidity, and other trace amounts of metals such as copper, arsenic, uranium and manganese.
Tank Size: 10" diameter x 52" height
Required Installation Space: 1 foot deep x 2 feet wide x 4½ feet high
Plumbing Connection Size: Fits both ¾" and 1" (supports Copper or PVC connection)
Operating Pressure: 20–150psi
Operating Temperature: 36–120° F (2–38.9° C)
Service Flow Rate: 10gpm (NOTE: Higher flow rate systems available. Call for more info.)
Backwash Rate 30% Exp. @ 60° F: 5.7gpm
pH Range: 5.0–9.0 (w/ optimal performance at 7.0)
System Weight: 164 lbs
Life Expectancy: Virtually unlimited (for normal contaminant conditions)

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