MetalMaster: Customer Reviews

We realize that the best measure of a successful product is when our customers are completely satisfied with the overall quality, performance, reliability and support. We appreciate and respect the needs of every customer and always strive to meet or exceed their expectations with every product we offer. The following customer reviews are just a small sampling of the many verbal or written reviews we receive on a daily basis.

"I bought the MetalMaster for my VERY BAD iron water. My plumber was very skeptical about this filtration system. He hooked it up and he couldn't believe what he saw! Before the MetalMaster, my water was dingy brown, red, and smelled horrible. The plumber installed this system and my water now is clear, has no bad smell and actually tastes good! My plumber was awed by this, he said he would be able to sell hundreds of these! There are no more rust stains in the sinks, commodes, or showers. Without this system, I would not have purchased this house because I would not have even wanted to shower in the water that I had before and I didn't want to add chemcals to my water, like the salt, so this is the perfect system. I cannot say what a difference it has made in my water. Nor can I say enough good things about the MetalMaster, I am so glad I found you!"
Debbie B., Stuart, VA

We have installed our MetalMaster Filtration system, and it is wonderful. We can drink the water out of the tap. It has made such a difference and it has only been in 4 days. There are two guys that work with Bill at the State and they are very interested in them. We have told just about everyone that we have seen about them. I have given them your web site address. I still can not find the site for the MetalMaster. Can you e-mail that to me? I will then print it out and use as a reference. I thank you for steering us to this system. We really appreciate it. You may use this as a testimonial if you would like.

Best Regards and peace to you and yours this holiday season."
Marilyn D.

"A year ago I bought property and had a well dug. The water was not good quality. It was brown/orange, tasted bad and caused rust stains in all the sinks, shower and it even ruined some of my clothes. It took your MetalMaster system along with two different additional cartridge filters to get the water I wanted, but so far it's been worth every penny! I've only had it in place for a week, but I can't believe the change in my water quality. Thanks to you and especially your Tech. Support Team for providing such helpful information on what I needed. You guys rock!"
Don D., VA

"What a truly refreshing change. A product that actually lives up to its claims (and then some!) When I contacted you, I was guided through the process of determining the best filter for the problems. Not only was the price extremely fair, but the delivery and self-installation were flawless. But, would it do the job? In just a few short words, 'even better than advertised'. In under a week after installation, the water in my home was so clear and iron free that I was amazed. No past systems, (costing far more) had ever performed like this. And, as an added bonus, it is virtually maintenance free. No tons of salt and constant adjustments. Thanks for the great product."
Donald G.

"Good morning Nick,
Got the metal master hooked up and I love the iron filter I purchased in November, I cannot believe what a difference it made in just a few short hours, the difference is incredible. now it looks like I will be moving into town, there is a lot of chlorine in town water, I would like to eliminate as much as possible looks like I need the pure 750,or can you suggest a smaller system, besides the p.o.e systems?
Angela W. Slave Lake, AB Canada

"I piped in my Metal Master on Sunday.
Wow! No more sulfur smell what a difference, my water is completely clear, and just feels and looks better. My son was the ultimate test, he would not take showers at my house due to the sulfur smell. He took a shower this morning and said the water was just great. I'm very pleased and grateful for Metal Master."
Keith S. Bonita Springs, FL

I got the two new nuts and installed them as you instructed. The system is all hooked up and functioning. I've already noticed a difference in the iron content, as in NO IRON!!!! Thanks again."
Mike G. Demotte, IN

"We installed the Metal Master in our moutain home in Arizona 3 weeks ago. For 30 years we have not been able to drink the well water due to stong odor and rust. Immediately after the installation I had a glass of water from the kitchen sink. No more odor, no more rust stains. Thank you."
James N., AZ

"Excellent Product / No More Rotten Egg Odor In My Water / Great Communication A+ Buyer:"

I now have the system up and running and I am truly amazed no more rotten egg odor in my water. You have an awesome product. I am going to give your information to my neighbor who is a plumber and recently had a problem with a customers water and the manufacturer of the system he installed went out of business so he had to reimburse the customer apparently it was a iron problem and the used some aerator type system and it caused a lot of air in the pipes. Thanks so much"

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