Lake Water System: Customer Reviews

We realize that the best measure of a successful product is when our customers are completely satisfied with the overall quality, performance, reliability and support. We appreciate and respect the needs of every customer and always strive to meet or exceed their expectations with every product we offer. The following customer review is just one sample of the many verbal or written reviews we receive on a daily basis.

"I live in an area that has many coal mines and strip mines. The wells in this area produce undrinkable water. The cost for city water was going to be over $30,000 to run water lines to my house. Because I live next to a lake I investigated the possibility of filtering the lake water and drinking it. My research led me to purchase a Vitasalus system. Although the water looked extremely pure after filtration I was still a bit skeptical. I sent a sample to a lab and they told me it was cleaner that any city system! The Vitasalus people were very knowledgeable and honest in their assessment of my needs. They now have a customer for life! I could not be happier with my system."

Dr. Dan C., Tuscaloosa, AL

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