Inline Chlorinator: Specifications Chart

Purpose/Function: Designed to help disinfect and/or control iron, iron bacteria, sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, and rotten-egg odor, within well and other source water.
Chlorine Source: Unit uses Calcium HypoChlorite Chlorine Pellets
Time between Chlorine Refills: Add Chlorine Pellets (i.e., Calcium HypoChlorite Pellets) approx. once every 3 months.
System Size: 10" wide x 8" deep x 12" height
Required Installation Space: 1 foot deep x 2 feet wide x 1½ feet high
Plumbing Connection Size: Fits both ¾" and 1" (supports Copper or PVC connection)
Operating Pressure: Works on any pressure 25–60 psi (80 psi max)
Operating Temperature: 36–120° F (2–38.9° C)
Service Flow Rate: Supports up to 24 gpm flow rate; NO PRESSURE LOSS
Backwash Rate 30% Exp. @ 60° F: Not Applicable
System Weight: 8 lbs

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