HardnessMaster Electronic Water Conditioner/Softener

Works effectively with Copper, Plastic, PVC, CPVC, PEX, Rubber, Lead, and Steel or Galvanized Steel pipes on city and well water.
100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our HardnessMaster™ works for both city and well water.  

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Customer Testimonial:
"This Hardness Master system is the best thing I have ever bought to get soft water.  I set it and forget it.  I don't have to worry about water leaks or running out of salt.  Thank you for making my life worry free."
Marcos P.,
San Antonio, Texas (TX)

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Customer Review:
"I love this softener!  The water in Las Vegas is hard (18.3 gpg or 313 mg/L (ppm)).  I bought the Vitasalus HardnessMaster with skepticism.  I installed it in five minutes and said 'We'll see how it works'.  In two days time I felt a difference!  After the third day and a couple loads of laundry I could literally feel and see the difference in my clothes and around the sink and shower.  I am only sorry that I didn't find the HardnessMaster sooner.  I've told all my friends about the Hardness Master.  Do yourself a favor and get one today!"
Scott M., Las Vegas, Nevada (NV)

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Vitasalus HardnessMaster™ - Premium Whole House Electronic Hard Water Conditioner & Descaler System
(Healthy, eco-friendly and easy solution for Hardness, Scale, Calcium, Limescale and Hard Water problems. Handles up to 50 grains per gallon (or 50 gpg or 855 mg/L or 855 ppm) of water hardness with its advanced MaxConditioning™ technology)
Sale Price: $179  (Retail Price: $379  $200 OFF
Do you have IRON and/or ODOR in your water?  If so, please see our impressive MetalMaster™ System specifically designed to address iron and orange staining.
Effective 9/5/09, we'll try to MATCH or BEAT the price of any electronic water conditioner system on the U.S. market.  We'll make great sacrifices so that everyone has an opportunity to benefit from our amazing HardnessMaster™ system.  Call us today at (Toll-Free) 1-877-284-5042 to take advantage of our best price guarantee. God bless!
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Vitasalus is the only supplier of the authentic HardnessMaster™ system.
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Today, we'll give you an additional discount when you call us anytime, 24/7, at
(Toll-Free) 1-877-284-5042, and speak with one of our Water Filtration, Treatment & Conditioning Specialists about your particular water conditions.  This will help us to determine how well our HardnessMaster™ will work with your particular water conditions to make sure that you'll be completely satisfied with your purchase.
If you don't know the hardness level of your water or if you have iron or orange/rust staining in your sinks, toilets, showers or tubs or are uncertain about your specific water conditions, p
lease call us at (Toll-Free) 1-877-284-5042 for a FREE Phone Consultation with one of our Water Filtration, Treatment & Conditioning Specialists.  We will quickly discuss your water situation and then provide you with straight-forward answers and/or high-quality, affordable options to properly address your specific water conditions.  If you have hard water (i.e., scale, limescale, "white deposit", calcite, calcium, magnesium), please check chart below for our recommendations regarding any other possible water conditions that you may be experiencing.  If you believe that your water condition(s) involves iron and NOT limescale, we would advise you to consider our MetalMaster™ recommendations below, instead of the HardnessMaster™.  PLEASE NOTE: The systems we offer may be connected together in different ways to collectively address one or more water conditions.
Water Condition(s) Recommendation
Iron, Organic Iron, Rust Water and/or
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S, sulfur, stinky water, foul odor, rotten-egg smell)
MetalMaster™ System
Chlorine, Chloramines, MTBE, Insecticides, Pesticides, Herbicides, tastes, odors and hundreds of other potential contaminants and harmful chemicals PureMaster™ V-Series Systems
Arsenic ArsenicMaster™ System
Manganese, Tannins, Nitrates, Nitrogen, Fluoride, pH Balancing/Neutralizing, Lead, Uranium, Mercury, River Water, Pond Water, Lake Water, Ultra-Violet (UV) Disinfection, Micro-organisms, Bacteria, Parasites, Cysts, Chlorinator/Chlorination Disinfection, Chloroform, or any others. We also offer a wide array of other Water Filtration, Treatment & Conditioning systems which may effectively address your specific water conditions.

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If you are still uncertain about your specific water conditions, please call us at
(Toll-Free) 1-877-284-5042 for a FREE Phone Consultation with one of our Water Filtration, Treatment & Conditioning Specialists.  We will quickly discuss your water situation and then provide you with straightforward answers and/or high quality affordable options to properly address your specific water conditions.

* FREE Expedited Shipping: Shipping is expedited to occur on same or next business day, depending on time of day order received.  Shipping is 100% FREE anywhere in the world that is serviced by UPS or USPS (or US Mail).  In general, HardnessMaster orders will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail, unless service is not available for that location.

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