FluorideMaster: Specifications Chart

Capacity/Lifespan: 400,000 gallons or about 4 - 6 years*

One can replace their expired FluorideMaster system with either a Replacement System Unit or Replacement Media.
Replacement Unit vs. Replacement Media
Filtration Media: Approx. 60 pounds of high-grade FluoriSorb™ media (known as Hydroxyapatite/Bone Char) which is considered to significantly outperform other fluoride reduction media such as "activated alumina." The FluorideMaster™ does not contain any "activated alumina."
Filtration Stages: 2       See Details
Filtration Capability: Complete system is designed to completely remove or significantly reduce fluoride (commonly found in city/municipal water supplies), sediment and/or particulate matter from all of the water entering the home.
Number of Bathrooms: 1–6 bathrooms
Service Flow Rate: 8 - 10 gpm (30.3 - 37.8 L/min)
(NOTE: A typical household requires a service flow rate of 6gpm.)
Tank Size: 10" diameter x 54" height
Total Weight: FluorideMaster Complete System: approx. 80 lbs w/ installation kit
FluorideMaster Replacement System: approx. 75 lbs
FluorideMaster Replacement Media: approx. 60 lbs
Required Installation Space: approx. 60” high x 36” wide x 12” deep.  The FluorideMaster tank size is 10" diameter x 54" height (11.5" at black base/stand).
Installation Kit: Provided with the FluorideMaster™ Complete System only and includes: FluorideMaster and PureMaster V-Series Installation and Maintenance Guide; (1) FluorideMaster™ tank unit; (3) 4" PVC nipples; (1) .35 Prefilter housing; (2) PVC unions; (2) 1" to ¾" reducer fittings; (1) .35-micron sediment/particulate/cysts/copepods prefilter; and (1) Garden hose adapter.
System Plumbing Size: Fits both 1" and 3/4" (standard) plumbing (with 1"-to-3/4" reducer/adapters included)
Prefilter: 0.35-micron prefilter used to filter out potential copepods, cysts, sediment and/or particulate matter down to 0.35 microns in size.
Operating Pressure: 20–125psi
Operating Temperature: 33–110° F (0.56-43.33° C)
Ambient Temperature: 33–110° F (0.56-43.33° C)
pH Range: 6.0 –7.5 (Ask us about our pH systems if outside this range.)
Warranty: All FluorideMaster™ purchases are backed by the following:
  • 10-year defect-free warranty on materials and workmanship involving the tank and tank head components; and
  • Lifetime prorated warranty on the system media of 4 years.
Warranty - Industry Leading
100% Satisfaction Guarantee: All FluorideMaster™ purchases are backed by an industry-leading, 6-month 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We are truly confident about its high-quality materials, workmanship, and performance.  In fact, if you're not completely satisfied after properly installing and using your FluorideMaster™ system, call us within 6 months of delivery, and we'll give you a 100% refund plus pay for return shipping. 6-month 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

* The lower end value of the media lifespan range, as specified in the system's specifications chart, is based upon the average annual water usage of a household of 3-4 people. Replace the media or the blue tank with media when the system gallonage capacity is reached or there is a noticeable return of off-tastes and/or odors.
** May require a separate or adjunct specialty system to address the particular water condition and, if necessary, to protect this system. For assistance addressing your specific water condition(s), please contact a Vitasalus Water Systems Specialist.

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