Ocean Treasure Coral Calcium: Product Information

Ocean Treasure Coral Calcium™ is an amazing calcium superfood from God's incredible medicinal treasure chest, the sea. Maximum benefits are achieved by combining ecologically safe, pure coral from Okinawa Japan with supercharged, life-enhancing, pH-balancing Ionic Ocean Minerals. Plus, a healthy and bioavailable balance of calcium to magnesium at 2:1 ratio.

Ocean Treasure Coral Calcium is truly unique because it contains pH balanced Ionic Ocean Minerals and potent Okinawa coral calcium. The Ionic Ocean Minerals are concentrated approximately 50 times that of pure Ocean water and contain 84 naturally occurring, varying minerals and trace elements. Our Ionic Ocean Minerals have a healthy balance like that of perfect blood plasma and is the best form of minerals and trace elements available because of its concentration, balance, and perfect pH level. Combining Okinawa coral calcium with our Ionic Ocean Minerals provides us with a powerful and healthy combination.

Other vitamins and minerals have been added for increased assimilation which provide us with 400 IU of Vitamin D, 200 IU of natural Vitamin E, 200 mg of magnesium, and 75 mg of Vitamin C. Other minerals such as boron, selenium, chromium, manganese, and vanadium, plus 84 ionic minerals and trace elements highly essential for our body's needs.

Robert R. Barefoot (or Bob Barefoot), author of "Barefoot on Coral Calcium: An Elixir of Life?", states on page 11, "There are several communities throughout the world who enjoy health and longevity to a greater degree than average humankind. The common denominator in this phenomenon is abundant mineral supply in their diet. The inhabitants of Okinawa in Japan form one example of this status of "super health and well-being". I believe that the key to this is found in the stony corals that enrich the mineral contents of the environment of the citizens of Okinawa."

Minerals are the basic building blocks of our health. Enzymes, nerves and most other internal processes greatly rely upon minerals for proper function. Essential minerals and trace elements in our soils have become depleted over time which has led to a deficiency in our foods and bodies.

Ocean Treasure Coral Calcium™ is a trademark of Vitasalus, Inc./Equinox Products, LLC.

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