ArsenicMaster: How does it work?

The ArsenicMaster™ system is loaded with a unique and premium-grade ArsenicMaster media which significantly outperforms other oxidation-based media, such as Pyrolox®, because it is more uniform in shape and possesses more active ingredients and oxidation capability. The ArsenicMaster media operates on a principle whereby the arsenic, lead, iron, sulfur/ hydrogen sulfide (or H2S, rotten egg odor), manganese, copper, cadmium, uranium and other heavy metals are oxidized and trapped on the media bed which is subsequently removed by automatically backwashing the media bed. The ArsenicMaster system is maintenance free (self-maintaining via automatic backwash mechanism) and NO chemical regeneration is required, just regular water, and nothing is imparted from the media bed into your drinking water.

ArsenicMaster™ is a trademark of Vitasalus, Inc. Pyrolox® is a registered trademark of of Prince Minerals, Inc.

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